School District                   School        Does your school have a garden?                               What classes participate in your garden?                                    

Clover       Oakridge Middle                Yes                            The entire 6th grade.                        

Clover       Kinard Elementary             Yes                            5th grade classes- about 50 students                                            

York           Jefferson Elementary        Yes                            Kindergarten and 1st garden           

Fort Mill    Nation Ford High               Yes                            Introduction to Agscience                

Fort Mill    Gold Hill Elementary         Yes                            Participation is open to all grade levels, K-5.  Teachers sign up for a garden section and time of the year.                                             

Fort Mill    Fort Mill Middle School    Yes                            Our club has had about 45 students over 2 years and several of our science classes have stopped by to look at our crops, soil, composters, etc.                                 

Fort Mill    Gold Hill Middle                  Yes                            All 6th graders participate in our garden.                                            

Fort Mill    Riverview Elementary       Yes                            Special needs students will particiapte in teh vegetable garden.  ONe is raised to the height that there wheelchairs can be beside it.  Teh environmental club will help and I have three classes at different grade levels that have expressed interest as well.                                                  

Fort Mill    Orchard Park Elementary Yes                            Environmental Club, 1st grade, PTO                                            

Rock Hill   Oakdale Elementary          Yes                            Students in kindergarten through fifth grade have participated in preparing, planting, maintaining, and harvesting the gardens.                     

Rock Hill   Sunset Park  Elementray                              Yes                                                                              

Rock Hill   Finley Road Elementary    Yes                            1st Grade classes                               

Rock Hill   Applied Technology Center                                Yes                                                   Turf Management, Landscape Design, Greenhouse management                                                     

Clover       Clover Middle School        Yes                            The 6th grade classes benefit the most from the garden lessons. However, the Leo Club at Clover Middle School that includes all grade levels (6th, 7th, and 8th) helps  to maintain and prepare planting areas as needed.               

  India Hook Elementary                         Yes                            Environmental Club         

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