First Friday Garden Seminars

On the first Friday of each month we cosponsor, along with the Clemson Extension Service and the City of 
Rock Hill Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Department, an educational seminar on garden-related topics.  
Starting at 11 a.m. these programs are free of charge and open to all.
To join our online Zoom meeting go to and 
use this Meeting ID: 969 6592 7303

2021 First Friday Topics

Date                      Topic                                                                                Speaker

01/08/2021            Target Pruning - a healthier alternative to shearing              Paul Thompson

02/05/2021            Growing Small Fruits at Home                                            Paul Thompson

03/05/2021            Plant Propagation from Stem Cuttings                                 Paul Thompson

04/02/2021            Hydrangeas                                                                      Paul Thompson

05/07/2021            Weed Management in the Lawn, Landscape and Garden       Paul Thompson

06/04/2021            Invasive Insect Species to be Looking For                           Paul Thompson

07/02/2021            Crape Myrtle Problems                                                      Paul Thompson

08/06/2021            Colorful Fall Container Gardens                                          Paul Thompson

09/03/2021            Vermicomposting                                                              Paul Thompson

10/01/2021            Small to Medium Evergreen Shrubs for the Landscape         Paul Thompson

11/05/2021            Groundcovers for Sloped Areas in the Sun and Shade          Paul Thompson

12/03/2021            Holiday Gift Ideas for the Avid Gardener                             Paul Thompson