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Master Gardener Program

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The mission of the Clemson Extension Master Gardener Program is to select, train, and utilize knowledgeable volunteers to assist the educational work of the local Consumer Horticulture Agent by delivering researched-based information to citizens of the state. 

Clemson Extension Service takes applications from York, Chester, and Lancaster County Residents for the Master Gardener Class. The classes are held on Tuesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. until noon starting in August and run through early November.  Classes are held at the Clemson Extension Office at 120 North Congress Street in York.

The Master Gardener program is open to all adults regardless of gardening experience. Participants learn about all aspects of gardening from soils, to growing vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns. They also learn about garden pests, beneficial insects, plant physiology and more.

There is a fee for the class payable upon acceptance into the course. The fee will cover the cost of materials and literature that participants will receive. In addition to the fee, those individuals successfully completing the program will be required to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours in service to the community which would include answering gardening questions from consumers, community beautification projects, or other gardening activities sponsored by the Extension Service.

Please click here to view and download our application.  Enrollment is limited and applications are due the end of June annually. Applicants will be contacted in late June.
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