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Tall Fescue Maintenance Calendar

This calendar of suggested maintenance practices is designed to be a general guide in the care of your fescue lawn. Location, soil type, health of lawn, and other factors affect turf performance. For these reasons, the following management practices (More ..)
Propogating Azaleas

Growing new azaleas from cuttings produces plants that are clones (exact copies) of the parent azalea plant. Azaleas, as well as many woody plants, are normally propagated by stem cuttings, and the following describes (More ..)
Less Toxic Insecticides

While a good pest management plan will start with preventative, cultural and other non-chemical methods, these are sometimes not completely effective on their own. In this case (More ..)
Controlling Weeds

Consider your weed control strategy prior to establishing a vegetable garden in the spring. Weeds compete with vegetables for water, nutrients and light. They also harbor insects and diseases, which may (More ..)
Summer Bulbs

Summer- & fall-flowering bulbs add beauty and interest to the landscape. They have exciting forms, fragrances and colors that other flowers cannot achieve.  Most summer-flowering bulbs (More ..)
Featured Plant:  Gardenia

Gardenias are popular shrubs in South Carolina. They are not the easiest shrubs to grow, but the exquisite white, fragrant flowers make up for the extra attention gardenias require. (More ..)
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