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Proper Watering Tips During the Summer Heat

When extreme summer heat hits, many homeowners are tempted to water their lawns daily to prevent wilting and maintain a lush green lawn. Unfortunately, excessively frequent watering can result in increased susceptibility to fungal diseases, shallow (More ..)
Cicada Killer Wasps

In July and August people start to see these insects buzzing around above the lawn. Their large size and similarity to European hornets often intimidate people. The cicada killer wasp is large (More ..)
Garlic and Onions

Onions and the related shallots, leeks and garlic all grow best during cool weather and are usually planted in the fall in South Carolina for late spring harvest. Onion plants can also be planted in early spring for summer harvest. Leeks are (More ..)
Preserving Garden Vegetables

Food prices are rising and so is the popularity of growing vegetables in a home garden. What are the best ways to preserve an abundance of vegetables to be enjoyed after the summer season is past? (More ..)
Fall Webworm Nests

Fall webworms are found on many kinds of trees and shrubs in late summer and fall. They create silken web-like nests around leaves at the ends of branches. All feeding occurs within the silken nests. Although the nests are unsightly (More ..)

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