Frequently Asked Questions


How soon can I plant my garden and how do I prepare the soil PH?
How can I control weeds in my new garden?
What fertilizer do I use in my vegetable garden?
What kind of insecticides can I use on my vegetables?

How can I control Japanese Beetles?
How do I keep the gardens sufficiently watered in the heat?
What can I use for mulch?
How much water do I need to put down in my garden and lawn?

How can I control cabbage worms?
Can I fertilize my lawn this time of year?
How soon can I plant bulbs for spring flowering?
How can I protect my plants from deer?

When can I apply fertilizer to my lawn?
How can I prevent worms in my pecan crop next year?
How can I protect my roses over the winter?
How do I prepare my vegetable garden over the winter to be ready to plant in the spring?